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Packstation: Pick up your parcel whenever you want 24/7.

Guide on how to use DHL Packstation in Germany - Free Parcel Lockers

Random Packstation in Germany

German hotels and hostels will gladly accept parcels on your behalf if you are not present at the time of delivery. A short chat with the reception will do the trick.

For other situations, you can consider the German Packstation, a FREE service from DHL that provides registered customers with over 3000 parcel lockers scattered in Germany.

These parcel machines are on standby 24/7, allowing you to send and pickup parcels during the day and night, whenever you wish.

Most German online shops provide this delivery option during the ordering process. Hence, you can have your parcels delivered to any Packstation of your choice. Simply choose the closest one to your area.

This is especially useful, if there is no one at your home to accept your delivery.

All you need is a card and a pin to send or take out your parcel.

Guide on how Packstation works in Germany - Register for FREE parcel lockers

The inside of a DHL Packstation locker in Germany

How it works

  1. Once your parcel is delivered to your selected Packstation, you will receive a shipment notification with a 4-digit mTAN (your personal pin) via text message on your mobile phone.
  2. Each Packstation has a touchscreen where you can select English as your language. Next, select “Collect shipment” and tap on “Registered customer to insert your card.
    Enter your
    4-digit mTAN to unlock and take out your parcel.


Here is how you open a FREE account

1. Go to and sign up with a click on Jetzt kostenlos registrieren
2. In Registrierung für Neukunden you provide:

– Your E-Mail
– A password with 8-128 characters consisting of at least a number and letter with at least one upper and smaller case
It may contain !§&/()=?*+-_)
– Example of a valid password: Aabcdfg12.

3. Tick the captcha. A security question might pop up, examples:
Wählen Sie alle Bilder mit einem Haus aus. -Select all pictures with a house on it
Wählen Sie alle Bilder mit einem Speisesaal aus. -Select all pictures with a dining hall

If this is not required, you can simply continue with the registration with a click on Weiter.

4. Next you need to select your sex Frau=Mrs. Or Herr=Mr..

Provide your registered address/home address (aka the official address on your German ID or German residence permit).

This is important since your personalized customer card and temporary pin will be sent to this address.

5. Next you need to select a security question to recover your login ID or password, if ever needed in the future. Provide your answer in Antwort and make sure to write it down somewhere.

Pay attention to the way you write it (upper/lower case, space, etc), since this answer will act as your backup password.

The security questions are:

Create a DHL account to receive parcels with Packstation

Create a DHL account to receive parcels with Packstation

Wie war der Name der Straße, in der Sie als Kind gewohnt haben? – Where did you live as a child? Provide the street name
Wie lautet der Mädchenname Ihrer Mutter? -What is your mom’s maiden name?
Wie hieß Ihr erstes Haustier? -What was the name of your first pet?
Wo haben Sie Ihren Partner kennen gelernt? -Where did you meet your significant other?
Wie heißt Ihr Lieblingsfilm? -What is the name of your favorite movie?
Wie hieß Ihr erster Arbeitgeber? -What was the name of your first employer?
Was war Ihr erstes Auto? -What was your first car (brand/model)?
Wie heißt Ihr bester Freund mit Vornamen? -What is the name of your best friend?

6.Tick both the general business terms and the bonus-program, which allows you to collect bonus points each time you use a Packstation. The points can be later redeemed for free parcel stamps, etc.


6.1 In some cases, you need to add more details to complete your DHL customer account
Wunschtag: Mark the days where your parcel can be delivered
Wunschort: If you are absent at the time of delivery, the parcel can be put at a place within our property. Provide a location or leave it blank.

Ignore the Newsletter and continue with Weiter zur Serviceauswahl

7. Next, you will be directed to the service page. Scroll down to Packstation aktivieren to enter your birthdate and your German mobile phone

8. Complete the registration with Weiter zu Registrierung abschließen